Hello world!

Welcome to our blog!  Well mostly mine but hopefully I’ll be able to convince Rob to contribute occasionally too!  The idea of having a blog came because I’m pretty much obsessed with them, reading about 10-15 on a regular basis and I just decided that if those people can do it why the hell can’t I?!  Also, as we’ll be moving back to Canada in just over a week (eek!)  I thought it would be the best way to keep in touch with everyone.  Basically I’m too lazy to write to you all individually so you have to settle for this!  Not sure yet what form it will be in, whether a weekly post to let you know we’re still alive, or a daily one showing off all the exciting stuff we’re up to but know this, there will be pictures!  Oh yes there will definitely be pictures.  You’ll be so sick of our faces you’ll be wishing we’d decided against this keeping in touch malarkey.  So lets get started!


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