Three More Sleeps!

Nope, not until we leave for Canada!  That one would be six.  It’s three until my best friend arrives (that’s Rob!) so it’s safe to say I’m pretty  excited about it!  I left him in Manchester five or six weeks ago now to give us both family time before we leave again so I think we’ve been apart long enough!  His snowboard bag is here already, that arrived on Monday (priorities people!) and now he just has to join it.  I’ll be packing this weekend probably and then we’re off on Tuesday to stay in a hotel by Gatwick Airport then we fly out on Wednesday!  Lot’s happening around here in the next few days as my parents are joining us on our trip (though they’re flying out of Heathrow and will be in much more comfortable and spacious seats!) to visit friends then we say goodbye when they return to England.  We all have packing to get done and money transfers etc.  I’d better get to it (and by that I mean have a cup of tea and a biscuit) but I’ll leave  you with a picture of some goodies my parents just bought me to take back to Canada!  Some of them might not make it that far…

Some yummy treats – A couple of Halloween things (a spider headband and skeleton earrings) – A baking recipe book so I can bake delicious chocolatey things once we’re settled in BC


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