Oh Canada…

We weren’t sure if we would be getting on the plane on Wednesday since I had picked up some unforgiving stomach bug on Sunday and could barely move.  We made a decision on Tuesday morning to go to the hotel at Gatwick Airport like we planned and just see how I felt.  Luckily I improved and we were ready to fly Wednesday morning!

Our flight was at noon on Wednesday but once we’d taxi’d to the runway the Captain let us all know that something was wrong with the plane and we’d have to taxi back and wait to get it fixed…yay!  We flew with Air Transat and it’s not something I want to do again any time soon.  It didn’t have individual TV’s for everyone to watch, just a big screen at the front.  Basically we stepped back into 1995.  We had to sit on the plane waiting to get it fixed and barely got a sip of water.   Whatever was wrong got fixed quicker than we thought though and we were only delayed by 2 hours.  Thank God I wasn’t still sick as there were only 3 toilets for just over 200 people, would’ve been interesting to say the least!

We made it to our hotel in Guelph at around 7pm, my parents had already arrived so we just told our flight stories, had a drink and went to bed pretty early!  Their luggage wasn’t on the same flight as them so we got a lovely phone call from front desk at 11pm saying their luggage had arrived.  Thanks front desk 🙂  We loved getting woken up to find out something we don’t need til morning is available to be picked up in the morning…


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