What A Week!

Well its rained pretty much every day except the first day where it was 22 degrees and lovely!  I guess we’d better get used to the rain since we’re moving to Vancouver so its prepared us for that!

– That is as close as we came to Hurricane Sandy.  We went up to Northern Ontario (Capreol) at the perfect time and went back to Guelph when it was over.  There wasn’t any sign of it there anyway so we were lucky.  We didn’t have to deal with any of the horrible destruction that New Jersey and others have had to.  So no need to worry about us!  – 

Our first few days back in Canada were spent in Guelph where we finally got to see a hockey game again 🙂  It was just an OHL game but since there’s no NHL to watch its the best alternative.  Plus we used to go to Guelph games every week with season tickets so it was nice to go back and see some old friends and watch the new team.  After the game we met up with one of my oldest friends, Grant.  We’ve been friends since high school and always meet up for drinks when we’re in the same area.  It was great to see him along with a couple of other friends that had joined him.  Had a great time!!  We made plans to go to a Halloween party with them the next night, luckily we came prepared with our costumes 🙂  The next morning we went to visit another old friend of mine that I went to school with but hadn’t seen in years.  Her name is Nelofer and she’s now married to a guy named Jordan and they have a gorgeous baby girl named Sitara.  It was so good seeing her again and meeting her family.  It was like no time had passed between us which was really nice.  That night it was off to the Halloween party.  The house the party was in was decorated really elaborately for the holiday and looked amazing.  A lot of time and money went into it and everyone loved it.  Halloween is my favourite holiday and they do it so well in Canada, we were very happy to be back for it.  (Actual Halloween was on a Wednesday but we went out on the Saturday night).

Sunday morning we had a quick coffee at the mall with my Godson’s mum Marina just to catch up and then we had another hockey game to go to that afternoon, yay!  They lost both games we watched but we didn’t care, we were just happy to see some hockey again!  Monday morning bright and early we drove to my Godmothers house in Capreol which was about a 5 hour drive north of Guelph.  I split the driving with my dad using our rental mini-van which we packed full of all our luggage.  It was great to see my Godmother Wendy, her husband Scott and their daughter Haley again.  It had been years and we’d never been to their new house in Capreol.  We did a lot of drinking, eating, catching up and playing pool 🙂  We also spent actual Halloween there so we got to see some trick-or-treaters in their costumes show up for some candy.  My Godmother volunteers at the Museum in town and they put on a Terror Train every Halloween which Rob and I went through with Scott, Haley and Scott’s nephew.  I didn’t expect it to be very scary….man was I wrong!!  The decorations were amazing and the ‘actors’ dressed in costume being extra creepy were terrifying!  Haley and I screamed through it whilst holding each other almost the whole time.  They started to ignore the boys and just tried to scare us, they also knew our names thanks to Wendy which just made it scarier!  Good time though!
It was a nice couple of days just relaxing with them and making plans to go back and stay at their cottage on the lake next summer!

We’re back in Guelph now, my brother left yesterday to go back to Whistler and Rob and I are going to a Toronto Airport Hotel for the night before our early flight to Vancouver tomorrow morning.  We were planning on buying a car in Ontario and driving across to Vancouver but because I have an Alberta drivers licence I wouldn’t be able to get car insurance in Ontario so we decided it would be easiest to just fly there and buy a car once we’re settled.  We still have to book accommodation in Vancouver :S which we’ll do today.  Silly of us not to have that done already but we’ve been so distracted with visiting people this week!

Its been a great week back in Southern Ontario (and seeing some of Northern Ontario!).  Getting to see old friends and being reminded of why we love Canada so much has been awesome.  Hopefully Vancouver will be just as welcoming!!


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