Goodbye Ontario…Hello British Columbia!

The plane that got us from Toronto to Vancouver!

We had to get up at a time we weren’t sure existed (5 am..turns out it does) in order to get the airport shuttle and get our 8 am flight from Toronto to Vancouver.  The flight was pretty good, we weren’t delayed by two hours so that’s always a plus!  I managed to watch two movies;  We Bought A Zoo (the CUTEST movie!) and Young Adult (do.not.bother).  We arrived in Vancouver around 10 am which was really 1 pm to us still being on Ontario time, had a burger at Harvey’s (yum!) then made our way using the Vancouver SkyTrain (fully automated transit system here) to get from the airport to New Westminster (suburb of Vancouver) where we are staying for a week.  It was raining pretty hard and we were exhausted already after getting up so early.  We had to drag three suitcases (well…I dragged one small one and Rob dragged two big ones) from the SkyTrain stop to the hotel/apartment in the pouring rain, up a steep hill and in our pyjama’s (that last part is a lie but I started to sound like a Grandpa telling his grandchildren how tough life was back in the day so I just went with it).  We met the building manager and he showed us the studio apartment we’ll be staying in for the week.  He is a cross between Norman Bates and Ben Linus…straight up creepy.  We just wanted to get rid of him and have a nap but then we had to go back out in the rain to get cash to pay for the room and some groceries.  The room itself is nice, has everything we need including an awesome blue bathroom suite!  By 8:30 pm I could barely keep my eyes open and was in bed by about 9 pm.  We picked the perfect day to be up for 16 hours and go to bed early because the clocks went back an hour so we got an extra hour of sleep!

We’ll be spending the week looking for an apartment in Burnaby (which is a bit closer to Vancouver), fingers crossed we don’t need proof of employment to lease somewhere because we’d really like to get one thing done at a time and concentrate on finding a job and a car once we’re settled into somewhere.

Here’s a map of Vancouver so you can see where New Westminster and Burnaby are compared to downtown Vancouver:


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