It’s All Happening!

Beautiful view downtown Vancouver

We’ve been in BC for almost a week!  In that week we’ve used the Skytrain a ton to get around, looked at about 6 different apartments, signed a lease on an apartment (yay!), had an interview at The Co-operators, eaten at Old Spaghetti Factory twice (yummy and cheap!), been into down town Vancouver once, had pizza for dinner almost every night and walked around at least 5 hours each day getting to different places and checking out all the areas.

Our new apartment is in Burnaby, across the street from a park which we love.  The trees are massive and it made us feel like we weren’t in the middle of a city which is exactly what we wanted.  We had liked another apartment earlier in the week and we put in an application for it but still haven’t heard back.  That was Tuesday.  While waiting for that one we went to look at the Central Park one and loved it.  The landlord is a really nice Canadian guy.  We figured we’d apply right then and there in case we didn’t get the other one.  Turned out we preferred the park one anyway, and the landlord told us when we applied that we “presented really well” and that he’d love to rent to us.  Cue to half an hour later, us wandering through Sears in the mall and we get a call from him saying we’re already approved and can come and sign the lease the next day!  He’d even called our old landlord in Banff already and got a reference 🙂  The lease starts on Nov 15th but we can move in on Nov 13th so now we’re organizing cable/internet, hydro and looking into buying furniture etc.  Exciting times!!

A picture of the building we’ll be living in, our apartment faces the back so its a bit quieter. Has a wood burning fireplace and a balcony 🙂

I had my interview with The Co-operators that morning before going to sign our lease.  I bought a new dress from Le Chateau (on sale!) to make a good impression and off we went.  Rob came with me to find the place cause it was right down town and we hadn’t been there yet so it was a bit confusing.  The interview went ok I think.  I was in there for over an hour and had to do a typing test as well.  It’s more of an admin role so I think I would like it, plus The Co-operators is a great company to get into.  They should be calling me in the next week to let me know either way so fingers crossed!  It would be insane if I got the first job I applied for here (and the ONLY job I’ve applied for so far!) so if I don’t get it then its just interview number one and a learning experience.  We were concentrating on finding a place to live first then we can put all our efforts into looking for jobs but I randomly thought to check The Co-operators website and liked the sound of this position so I applied and got a call for an interview the next day.

Me in my new dress just before leaving for my interview!

Rob’s been looking online at different jobs with Grouse Mountain which has similar things to the company that owned the Banff Gondola where he used to work.  He’s found one online that’s in Burnaby booking tickets and packages on the phone so I think he’ll apply to that.  Would get some good discounts with that company for snowboarding and other tourist attractions.

Over the next week we’ll be moving into our new place, trying to find furniture and attempting to move it all up to the second floor with no ones help!  Can’t wait to get out of this hotel room/bachelor suite and into a place we can call our own!  It’ll also be amazing to have the whole place to ourselves and not have any room mates!  Finally the whole fridge/freezer will be ours, we can eat whenever we want, watch whatever we want and just generally do whatever we want without worrying about bothering someone else…awesome!  It’s about bloody time!


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