Crazy Week! (looooong post!)

We were allowed to move into our new apartment on Tuesday night, so we rented a minivan for 24 hours, picked it up on Tuesday morning and left the hotel suite around 11am.  We just left the keys in the room so we didn’t have to speak to creepy Norman Bates look-a-like again!  The car rental people put down all the seats in the back for us so we could fit lots of suitcases and bags in with no problem.  So with all our belongings in the back of the van, we went to Walmart!  It definitely isn’t as cheap as we thought it would be.  Looking for sheets, duvet, pillows, dishes, shower curtain and all that other good stuff was all adding up, so we looked online at Ikea’s website and a lot of the things we wanted seemed cheaper there, so we left Walmart and went to Ikea 🙂  We were there for at least 2 hours, looking at lots of nice furniture we can’t afford, but ending up spending just over $200!!  On stuff that apparently we needed!

Throughout the day we ended up going to Walmart three times and Ikea once, just spending money left and right on essentials.  We were also trying to arrange a time to pick up a TV we found on Craigslist, get to the bank to get money for our landlord, find a bed and attempt to pick it up that night and make it to our place by 6pm for our house inspection.  It sounded like an easy task but it ended up being pretty stressful!  Then at about 5:15 pm we got a call from our landlord saying he needed more time cleaning the place because his pretend ‘cleaning team’ all called in sick so he had to do everything himself.  We were exhausted already and just wanted to unpack all our stuff, but we had no choice.  We decided to pick the TV up a bit earlier and just took our time getting to our apartment.

Finally at 8pm (he definitely got his “little more time”!!)  we were allowed in.  We did the inspection, noticed that everything was dusty and wondered what the hell he’d been doing in there all day if not cleaning, and began to move all our stuff in.  I thought that would be the worst part but it only took about 20 mins.  We didn’t unpack anything we just put it all down and then went straight out to dinner.  We hadn’t been able to arrange a mattress to be picked up so we had to go back to Walmart and buy an air mattress so we had something to sleep on for a few nights!

Even though we had almost no furniture, it was really nice to finally be in.  We had 2 black folding chairs in the living room so we weren’t sitting on the floor.  Wednesday afternoon we had Shaw come and put in our cable and internet.  They were supposed to show up between 3 pm and 5 pm so we assumed it would be 4:50 pm…the guy arrived at 2:55 pm!  We were amazed!

The rest of this week has been spent unpacking everything and looking on Kijiji and Craigslist for a couch, a bed and whatever else we could find.  Because we don’t have a car it meant renting one again so we decided this time to get a U-Haul cargo van so we could be sure our couch and mattress would fit in with no problem.  Our friend Steve that we met in Banff four years ago was staying with us Saturday so we got the van Friday night and he helped us on Saturday to move all our stuff in.  It was a fiasco getting the van, it seems anyone with a corner shop is allowed to rent out a U-Haul, and that’s exactly where we picked it up, a corner shop run by an Asian couple who didn’t speak much English.  Needless to say, it took us an hour to get it done, including a phone call to Visa and a phone call to U-Haul.  Probably won’t be heading back there any time soon!  The van was awesome though!  Really new, powerful engine, and we managed to fit tons of stuff in!  We bought a massive three seater couch (that almost didn’t fit through the door to our apartment, but there was no way we weren’t getting it in there!) an armchair, bed side tables, a dresser, a long dresser for the entrance and some stuff from a thrift store.  We bought everything from either Craigslist, Kijiji or a thrift store.  It took a couple trips throughout the day to get it all, but now our place is finally looking like a home!

It was great seeing Steve again, he lives in Whistler so he stayed with us Saturday night and early this morning he got the greyhound bus to Whistler.  We had fun catching up, having a few drinks and going out for dinner.  Hopefully we’ll see more of him now we live quite close to Whistler.  My brother James also showed up in the evening for about 15 minutes to drop off my new credit card I had mailed to his address.  He was going to a concert in the city so he stopped by before that.

Now Steve has left and we have actual furniture in here, we can concentrate on finding a job!  I’ll be heading to the mall tomorrow probably to hand out some resumes, hopefully something comes from that and I can start to get some money coming in!  We also have to rent a car again and do the 30 minute drive to the US so we can activate Robs visa when we come back into Canada, then he can get a job!  Once that’s done I’ll be switching my licence to a BC one, and getting BC health care sorted, then I think we might be done!  For a while at least, and the actual living here part starts!


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