Another Week in Rainy Burnaby!

Today was the first day in what seems like ages (but has probably only been a week) that it hasn’t rained AT ALL!   The sun even came out!  To celebrate we went to the park today and took a couple of pictures 🙂

I had a couple of interviews this past week, I applied at American Eagle and Zara and had an interview at both (2 at Zara).  Hopefully there’s room for me somewhere!  Wouldn’t mind the discount at either shop 🙂

Haven’t really done much else this week other than go to the mall and look for the best ‘Black Friday’ deals.  There were a few but none that were amazing.  We did manage to buy some Christmas decorations and a Christmas tree!  I know it’s too early but the second we got that thing home we started to put it up.  The place is so cosy and Christmas-y now.  We’re currently surrounded by our decorations and watching Love Actually, you’d think it was Christmas Eve or something!

I just remembered I did get something productive done this week, I changed my Alberta drivers licence to a BC one!  They did a basic eye test which I passed so it’s not law that I have to wear my glasses, though I still will so I can SEE!  They also asked me a couple of safety questions which they never did when I changed my Ontario licence to an Alberta one, they were super easy though so I did ok.  It should arrive in about 2 or 3 weeks.  At least that’s done!

Fingers crossed I’ll have a job soon!  We’ll be renting another car soon and driving to the States and back to activate Robs visa, then he can look for a job too 🙂

PS.  RIP Larry Hagman!

Here’s some pics from our day in Central Park, I’ve also included some from last week when we went to Stanley Park:


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