No News Isn’t Good News

So we got through the whole week without hearing back from anyone with a job offer so I think it’s pretty safe to say I didn’t get the job at either Zara or American Eagle….fabulous.  I might call them and see what’s going on.  I’ve been applying to a lot of receptionist positions, still haven’t heard back from anyone but hopefully this is the week it’ll happen!!

This week we’ve watched a lot of movies (there are a ton of amazing movies Robs never seen so I’m forcing a lot of them on him if they happen to be on TV!)  like Field of Dreams, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Dazed and Confused and Casino Royale (which we’ve both actually seen about 100 times).  Can’t wait for more Christmas movies to come on because if you can believe it, Rob has never heard of/seen the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation so that’s at the top of my list.  With no hockey on TV we have to find something!!

We also drove to the US/Canada border this week to activate Robs working visa.  We rented a really nice new Toyota Camry and did the 30 minute drive to the Peace Arch border and sat and waited in traffic for about 40 mins yay!  We then parked and went in.  So that was another 30 mins of standing in line, though its a pretty interesting place.  Every now and then all the immigration officers get up and run out to deal with some illegal activity or whatever it could be.  They all wear bullet proof vests and carry guns and are on a big power trip.  We got seen eventually by a guy that was definitely the exception, cause he was actually funny! And smiled!  And told us a story about how they caught one of the Top 10 Most Wanted the day before!  So that was our US experience, then we drove back into Canada and had to wait in line again to get his visa activated.  What we thought would be a couple hours trip ended up taking almost the whole day!  All done now though so we’re both on the job hunt.

We were hoping to make the most of having a car and maybe drive up to North Vancouver and check it out.  Possibly go ice skating because our snowboard bags arrived this week 🙂  but we had a trip to Ikea to make to return a rubbish bin lid…don’t ask, and we also wanted to stock up on heavy things we can’t usually walk home with like our TURKEY and alcohol.  It’s definitely Christmas time!! 🙂


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