Now We Just Need Some Snow!

We had a pretty good weekend considering we’re unemployed and it rains every day!  On Saturday we went to the Vancouver Giants hockey game which is the Junior team out here.  They are the worst in the league but hey, we’ll take whatever hockey we can get at this point.  They were honouring retired NHL player Trevor Linden at the game so we made it our mission to get his autograph and failed miserably.  If we had got there early we would’ve been one of the lucky 100 people who got a special ticket to line up for a meet and greet buuuut we didn’t so we missed out as he didn’t sign anything extra (NHL people don’t seem to do anything they don’t have to do nowadays, like play hockey for example).  We still had a great time watching the hockey and would like to go back at some point 🙂

On Sunday we went to the Vancouver Santa Claus Parade.  It rained in the  morning but luckily it held off during the whole 2 hour parade.  We found a good spot with a good view and enjoyed the festivities.  There were marching bands, dancing, people dressed in funny outfits and of course the big man himself to close the show!  I think 2 hours was a little bit too long, after an hour and a half I was getting cold and achy from standing there so long.  We got a free Krispee Kreme donut after then enjoyed a nice lunch at Tim Hortons to warm up then walked around and took some pictures down town Vancouver 🙂


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