10 Days Til Christmas!

Even though we’re still unemployed and it’ll be a cheap Christmas in our house, we’re still excited about this time of year!  🙂  Christmas movies are filling our days when we’re not applying for jobs, and we actually had some SNOW this morning!  It’s already turned into rain but that’s alright, we got to see it at least (I say we but I mean me…Rob’s still asleep :P)

After we went to the States and back to activate Robs visa, we realized they screwed it up and put that he came here August 30th 2012 instead of November 2012 soooo we had to rent a car again and drive back and get it fixed.  Luckily there were no problems with it so it was just an annoying thing that had to get done.  We went in the evening thinking it would be less busy (it wasn’t) and during the day we drove around North Vancouver across the bridge cause we hadn’t seen that yet.

Ooh it just turned back into snow out there (the weather here is nuts)

The Christmas countdown is on!


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