5 Days Til Christmas!

Hope everyone’s enjoying the week before Christmas!  We finally had snow for a full 24 hours and most of it has stuck around even though it turned into rain.

I’ve even added snow falling on the blog!  Hope you like it!

Rob and I aren’t giving each other Christmas presents this year for obvious reasons.  We might have Christmas again later once we have a job and some money saved.  So because we’re not getting anything from each other I thought I’d share what I would’ve liked to give and receive!

Hopefully we get jobs soon and some (if not all!) of these things can be ours!  I might treat myself to the personal organizer anyway because I love it so much but that’s a bit cheeky so we shall see!

All joking aside though, this holiday season isn’t an easy one, being so far away from our families (and 8 hours behind them!) and not having a job is harder than I thought.  We would love to have both of those things for Christmas but skype and constant job searching will just have to do for now!

Let me know what’s on your Christmas list by leaving a comment!


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