My First Mulled Wine Experience

I am currently writing this on Christmas Eve, our table is set for Christmas dinner tomorrow, we’re drinking wine and beer and are stuffing our faces with delicious goodies (shrimp ring, sausage rolls, samosas, shrimp puffs :P)!!  I LOVE Christmas!

A couple of days ago Rob decided he’d like to make mulled wine, he loves it and after hearing that I’ve never tried it made it final…we were definitely making it.

We got a big bottle of red wine and found a teabag-esque package in a wine shop with all the mulled wine spice ingredients in it.  We started it off with sugar, wine and added some orange slices and put the bag of spices in to soak.

It smelled delicious, just like Christmas should smell, and after about an hour we strained it and sat down to enjoy a Harry Potter movie and our lovely mulled wine.

Also tonight, Rob found a great deal on an Xbox at Future Shop.  It was for an xbox 360 250 GB, three games and a headset for $220 + tax.  So instead of going to the shop on Boxing day at 6 am he managed to get it on their website.  The sale is pretty popular so he had to wait for almost an hour in a checkout waiting list online but we got it in the end!  Just a little Christmas pressie for himself 🙂  I have yet to buy my present for myself, might wait until after Christmas and get something in the sales.

It doesn’t look like we’ll be having a white Christmas here, every time it’s supposed to snow it ends up being rain.  I did manage to get photographic evidence of the bit of snow we got the other day though!

I’m also watching It’s A Wonderful Life tonight for the first time ever!  I’ll let you know what I think 🙂

I hope everyone has a great Christmas!


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