All Turkey’d Out

That’s another Christmas over!  Hope everyone had a great one 🙂  I started ours off skyping my parents who live in England, it was really nice to get to see them on Christmas Day even though we’re so far apart.

Django Unchained movie poster (image via IMDB)

Django Unchained movie poster (image via IMDB)

After skyping, Rob and I went to see a movie.  We were planning on seeing Les Miserables but it was sold out pretty much the whole day so we went to see Django Unchained instead.  That movie is crazy!  Typical Quentin Tarantino movie…it’s really long (3 hours! not including trailers etc), tons of swearing, fighting, strange camera shots, offensiveness and a lot of unrealistic amounts of blood coming out of people…but damn if it wasn’t entertaining!!  The acting in it was awesome; the scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio and Christoph Waltz going toe to toe were magic.

After the movie we went straight home and put our turkey in the oven.  We’ve done a couple of turkey dinners before but this time we added bacon over the turkey (as recommended by Gordon Ramsay 🙂 ) which ended up being a yummy idea, guess he knows what he’s talking about!

We opened a bottle of Yellow Tail Sparkling Wine, put on the Christmas music and the Christmas log fire channel on TV and opened a couple of presents while the turkey cooked.


Ended up being a pretty lovely Christmas!  Rob bought me the red tartan sweater from Forever21 I’m wearing in the bottom right picture 🙂

Today we stupidly decided to go to the mall…really bad idea if you’re not willing to wait in line to get into almost every store.  We weren’t after anything specific.  We just wanted to see the sales and have a look around, so we got pushed and shoved by the crowds for a while then left, Rob managed to find a nice shirt from Boathouse though.

How was your Christmas?  Get anything good in the Boxing Day sales?


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