Another Year Over!


Photo via Mercer Hall

Anyone have any cool New Years Eve plans?  Seeing as we’re still unemployed and don’t know anyone here yet, we’ll probably be spending it at home; just the two of us with some food, booze and movies 🙂  Can’t help but think New Years is a bit overrated anyway.  People put so much pressure on this one night, like it HAS to be perfect or their whole year won’t go well.  As long as we’re together, happy and healthy I don’t see why we should bother paying $100 to get into a place that’s normally free, just for a tiny glass of champagne and to be surrounded by a disgusting amount of people, none of which we even know.  Just my opinion!  Though no doubt if we had jobs and knew people here we’d probably end up doing exactly that!

We don’t really go in for resolutions either.  If you want to change your life for the better, why wait until Jan 1st to do it when you could do it today?!  I know we’ve all eaten waaay too much over the holidays which is one reason to vow to exercise more and eat healthier; I just don’t think people should put so much pressure on themselves to suddenly go from a couch potato to an Olympic athlete in 2 weeks then get discouraged when they don’t see results immediately.  Resolutions just seem a bit unrealistic most of the time, which must be why the majority of people seem to give them up after the first month.

Anyway…New Years rant over!  I still hope everyone has a good one and rings in the new year with someone they love 🙂

Thought I’d share some photos from the past year, sort of a summary of everything we got up to.  We started the year off by going to Australia for 7 months on a working holiday visa then we went to England to see our families before returning to Canada in October.
I’ve done a picture for each month (though there’s two for February because we drove around Australia, saw old friends and some beautiful places so I had to include more than one for that month!)
Just click on an image to make it full screen and to read the full caption 🙂


Let me know your New Years Eve plans!  Are you making any resolutions or do you feel the same way about them that I do?  I’d love to hear them even though I’m a bit of a cynic!!


One thought on “Another Year Over!

  1. Great blog and super pictures! Our new year is going to be the usual, bit of telly, bed at 10, read, then lights out!! You two have a lovely evening and a very happy new year – much love xxxx

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