Good Start 2013!

We had a pretty fabulous New Years Eve over here 🙂  Watched a movie, ate a ton of food and drank a little too much!  It was nice not to have any pressure on the night or to have to go out in the cold!  (Hard to believe I managed to live in Banff for 2 years where it can get down to -30 degrees!)  New Years Day was spent watching Les Miserables which was definitely a good movie, had me in tears by the end; great music and acting…BUT…did they HAVE to sing literally the whole way through??  Now, I love a good musical any day of the week (seeing West Side Story when I was little pretty much secured that love for life) so I expected this to be my new favourite movie, until they sang every.single.sentence.  It kind of drove me nuts by the end.  I understand they want it to be like the live show, it just came off weird and a little cringe-worthy at times.  I couldn’t get into it and just enjoy the ride; it was too awkward at parts.  Has anyone else seen it?  Do you agree or am I completely off and insane?  I did still enjoy it though…maybe I should see it again now that I know what to expect.

Cover of "Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Co...

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So instead of Les Miserables being my new favourite movie, that title belongs to the other two I have most recently seen…Pitch Perfect (could actually watch this every day forever) and Perks of Being A Wallflower (LOVED the book and really enjoyed the movie).

Other than watching a few movies in the last couple of days, we also rented a car to pick up some boxes from the airport for my brother (he lives in Whistler).  We made the most of having a car for the day and went up to Cypress Mountain to have a look around and take some pictures. There are some absolutely beautiful views up there.  We went from zero snow to everything completely covered in just one quick drive up to the hill.  I was starting to feel like we weren’t even in Canada anymore with the lack of snow in Burnaby and Vancouver.  There’s only so much rain I can take before I need to see a blanket of white to refresh everything.  We also did the usual trip to Walmart and Ikea that we seem to do every time we rent a car.  We just can’t stay away!  Bought a couple of home décor items to take away from the brownish/beige-y/greenish walls in our rental apartment.  Still needs a LOT more help to distract from the baby poop colour surrounding us but we’ll get there I’m sure.  Before we stopped by those fabulous places we took a trip to the Lynn Canyon Park and Suspension Bridge in Lynn Valley.  Apparently it’s recommended by locals and the best part is it’s FREE!!  Capilano Suspension Bridge here is pretty famous and because of that you have to pay to go on it.  It’s longer than the bridge we went to but I’m ok with that because did I mention this one is free?!

In other news…I got a call from an agency in Vancouver to come in for an interview and to sign up with them.  I was pretty skeptical as I had joined a couple of agencies in Australia when I was desperately searching for a job there and I never heard from them again after my initial interview.  I can’t afford to say no to anything at the moment so I went and met with a really nice, bubbly girl named Kelsea who went through my whole resume with me.  She was super positive and made me feel pretty good about the possibility of getting a job soon, even if it would just be temporary.
Literally right after leaving the interview and meeting Rob at Tim Hortons, Kelsea called me about a reception position for a couple of days starting Monday 🙂 Already 100 times better than any of the agencies I was with in Australia!

So it’s been a pretty decent first week of 2013!  Hopefully this is a sign of things to come…


2 thoughts on “Good Start 2013!

  1. You’re a brave girl to go on that bridge, I got approx 2 feet on Capilano before it began to gently sway! I was rooted to the spot with fear – hate heights – and had to be slowly escorted off by a couple of friends!!!
    Congrats on getting a job, hope it leads to something permanent. xx

  2. It was a little scary when it would start swaying but I managed to get all the way across and back again. Not sure how I’ll manage on Capilano cause the swaying will be even more intense! We’ll probably wait for a nice day in the summer to try that one 🙂

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