Jobs Jobs Jobs!

Well the wait is over!  Both of us are employed!
I had two interviews last week, one at a Spa to be a receptionist/coordinator and one in French Connection…and I got both!!  I wasn’t planning on doing two jobs (I did two in Banff for almost a year and it can get a little exhausting)  but I figured I’d enjoy both so I might as well for a few months at least to save some more money and meet some people.  The Spa will be a full time job and then I’ll have to work the retail job around the Spa schedule.  Basically gone from having nothing to do all day to barely having a day off!  I had orientation and a training day at the Spa last week in a location about an hour away where I won’t actually be working, then on Monday I’ll be training in the Spa I’ll be working in which is a 10 min walk from home 🙂
Rob’s been working at Science World almost every day this week, hopefully we can get a day off together occasionally!

I also got my Filofax 🙂
Any kind of stationary makes me ridiculously happy;  I love new notebooks, fresh paper and just about anything for a desk or office type space.  Anything to help me feel more organized.  It’s so pretty and I’ve already filled it up with important dates, things that need to get done and things to buy in the future.

Doesn’t it look pretty sitting on our $10 Ikea bed sheets?  Only the best around here!

Other than getting started with jobs this week we’ve also got one of our friends staying with us that we met while living in Banff.  Sean arrived last Saturday and he’s been looking for a job and a place to live while sleeping on our air mattress in the living room!  It’s been a little hectic with the three of us in this small space but it’s also been good to have a friendly face around in a city where we don’t know anyone!
He found a decent place on Thursday, sharing with three roommates a bit closer to the city.  He moves in there on Febuary 1st so he has to put up with us for a few more days.  He’s also already had a couple of interviews and has second interviews coming up so it’s been good news all round this week!  We might even be going out tonight to celebrate!


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