Birthday Boy!

Today is Rob’s 26th Birthday!  On the 26th no less…I believe they call that your champagne birthday 🙂

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unfortunately my body decided to get sick on Sunday and instead of being better by today I seem to have got worse, typical.  I apparently love getting bronchitis as I’ve had it almost every year since 2009.  Still gonna try and celebrate today though!  I made brownies the other day that Rob loved so I may attempt that again instead of a birthday cake.  We’re also planning on getting as many free drinks as possible from a coffee place here called Blendz that gives you a free drink when it’s your birthday.  There’s about 10 downtown so we’ll be making the rounds to try all their hot beverages 🙂

Ice skating may also be on the cards today.  There’s a pretty awesome free rink down town that we’ve been to a few times.  Rob even goes by himself after work occasionally.  No doubt we’ll be spending some time there today, then probably out for dinner somewhere for a fab meal and to watch the Canucks game.  We thought about buying tickets for the game tonight but decided to save our pennies and just watch it in a restaurant instead, plus they’re playing Phoenix sooo we’re not too bothered haha

Time to fill myself up with tons of liquids, pop a tylenol and get it together!…And get the Birthday boy out of bed already!

I was going to post some pictures of my brownies and Rob ice skating last week but WOW they were so blurry and just horrible quality.  Need to take better pictures!  Instead I’ll finish with my favourite picture of Rob when he was young:





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