I’m Back!!

I can’t believe I’ve left it so long since my last blog post!  I’m the laziest, sorry!  The last few weeks have just flown by, working loads and just relaxing on days off.
We’ve been making an effort to eat healthier recently.  We bought a Magic Bullet and have been blending fruit and veggies with a bit of juice and drinking a glass almost every day.  We’ve also been eating healthier dinners.  More seafood and vegetables instead of fries and fried foods.  I’ve definitely noticed a difference in how I’m feeling since cutting down on bad foods and Rob has too so we’ll definitely keep it up.  The Magic Bullet has been great to have!  Also on the topic of food, I’ve been missing Marmite like crazy recently.  I’ve grown up eating it and NEED to have it!  I couldn’t find it in our local grocery store here and was slowly going crazy without it.  We happened to pick up some food from a different supermarket in the city and I found Marmite there and was basically the happiest person alive in that moment.  I feel normal again now that it’s back in my life 🙂

The weather here is finally starting to improve so on a recent pretty cold evening we decided to have a fire going because we only had enough wood for one night and knew we probably wouldn’t have another fire here anyway so might as well get one in while we can.  It was nice and cosy in here with the fire and made me wish we had more wood and had decided to have a fire sooner!

We’ve been spending our days off hanging out in the city or in the mall that I work in just wandering around checking out random stuff.  Keeping ourselves entertained as much as we can before the weather actually gets to summer temperatures.  Going to movies on Tuesday nights (cheap night) and dinner out at one of our new fav places ‘The Cambie’ in Gastown.  Also, I managed to find some awesome Converse sneakers in Athletes World in the mall last week.  The store was having a closing down sale so everything was 60% off!  I couldn’t resist them for $28, that’s way too good to pass up!  I love them!!

Today we went to Science World and watched a movie called ‘To The Arctic’ about polar bears which I absolutely loved 🙂  The movie screen is basically the Science World dome, its absolutely massive and completely surrounds you.  It was so cool!  We also had a bit of a wander around looking at all the different exhibits.  One of the perks of Rob working there is getting into all this stuff for free!  The sun was so nice today and it was actually warm!  We got to have a beer on a patio (whooo!) and walk along the river soaking in the rays.  Hopefully the sun is here to stay for a while to give us a break from the constant rain we seem to get here in Vancouver!

With this weather improving I’ll be sure to keep up to date with our mini adventures!


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