My Birthday Present To Myself

In 2010 I bought myself an iPhone 3GS and I thought it was the greatest.thing.ever.  I had a Blackberry previously and was so happy when I finally gave in and made the switch to an iPhone.  I know tons of people hate Apple and avoid any product made by them like the plague, but after I bought my first iPhone…I was hooked.  They say they only last about 2 years before you have to get a new one, preferably the latest model they have just come out with!  My 3GS though…that sucker lasted me 3 years and would’ve gone for longer if I hadn’t got bored of it found a deal for an iPhone 4 through a friend.  I was going to wait for another year and eventually get a white iPhone 5, but when my friend said he was selling a black iPhone 4 for $120 I couldn’t say no!  Great price and it was in perfect condition

I bought it just over a week ago and couldn’t be happier.  I also treated myself to a brand new Kate Spade case and LOVE it!

It’s my birthday on Tuesday so I’m calling it my early birthday gift to myself 🙂


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