Happy Birthday to Me! …6 days ago!

Around here we like to celebrate our birthday’s for a whole week, so even though my birthday was on Tuesday I’m still allowed to wish myself a happy one today!

We didn’t get up to much for my 28th (seriously where did the last 10 years go? How am I 28…?).
We went into the city and wandered around (we seem to do that a lot), had a beer at the new Cactus Club restaurant downtown on Coal Harbour and went to see Spring Breakers (strange movie!).
It was a really nice day, and in the evening we watched Gangster Squad (Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone together is never a bad thing!) and had cake and sparkling wine ūüôā ¬†Basically a day full of things I love!
I also got a beautiful hand made birthday card from Rob which I’ll definitely be keeping for a long time. ¬†I didn’t know he had it in him!

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At work the day before my birthday, my manager gave me some pretty flowers which have made our place look so much nicer and ready for spring! ¬†I also got a free gift from the make up store Sephora which was a mini Benefit They’re Real Mascara and a Benefit highlighter. ¬†I’ve been wanting to try the Benefit mascara for ages so I was pumped when I saw that was my free gift, and I LOVE it.
While in the city I picked up a free drink from a coffee place here called Blenz (I mentioned it on Rob’s birthday too). ¬†I got their delicious¬†Belgian hot chocolate then we went to another Blenz and I got a latte which I gave to Rob!

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As we were wandering around the city we saw these awesome sculptures built from different canned foods. ¬†Here’s the Winnie The Pooh one; you can kind of see the massive movie popcorn one and Winnie The Pooh’s Honey Pot next to him. ¬†Very cool!

Overall I had a great birthday, and have been eating cake almost every night this week so I can’t complain! ¬†AND…I got a new purse from Rob which I’ll take some pictures of very soon and put up, and my awesome parents gave me some much appreciated money…I’m a very lucky girl!

Looking like spring finally!  Hope everyone had a great week and weekend!!


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