My New Purse!

When we were in Australia I spent ages looking for a new purse and finally decided on a black quilted one with chain straps from an accessories shop called Colette.  I loved it and was so happy with it, until…it started falling apart about a month after I bought it.
This thing was freakin deceptive, it looked well made and I thought I had paid $50AUD for a quality product.  Nope, not at all.  The cell phone pocket couldn’t even handle the weight of a cell phone (the thing its designed to hold!) and the lining began to rip pretty badly.  Rob would sew it back together for me each time it ripped apart.  The parts he sewed never broke again, but it just kept finding new places to rip!  Parts I didn’t even think could rip, did.  The straps even started coming apart.  It got a little ridiculous and it made my choice of birthday present an obvious one.

I wanted a good every day cross-body bag that wouldn’t fall apart on me (not asking for much here!).  I found a couple that I liked from Aldo and decided on one named ‘Wisecarver’ in the colour cognac.  The difference in quality is amazing.  It was sold out in stores so I ordered it online and picked it up on Saturday.  That colour option is now sold out online too so I’m glad I managed to get it!   🙂


So far I’m really happy with it.  Thanks for my Birthday present Rob!!


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