Calm Before The Storm

Been loving the weather here in Vancouver recently.  It’s been the perfect temperature to just wander around and enjoy the sun on your face, it feels like we’re seeing the city for the first time 🙂

With Rob and I usually ending up working in hospitality somehow, we’ve always managed to score access to some amazing tourist attractions.  This time around with Rob working at Science World, he’s been doing this “tourist challenge” where we have a book full of different places and get to go to them for free and receive a stamp from each place after answering a couple of questions about something inside the attraction.  Once we get enough stamps he can get a tourist pass which will grant free access to loads of places for a year for him and a guest (pick me! pick me!).  We’ve been to the BC Sports Hall of Fame, Vancouver Aquarium and the Botanical Gardens so far.  Rob did a couple by himself the other day too. It’s a pretty awesome challenge and is great for the likes of us who aren’t exactly rolling in it and therefore may not be able to go to these places normally.

Definitely aching a bit today after walking around for hours the last couple of days and playing games in the hall of fame!  I’ll be putting up pictures from our tourist adventures soon!

Been pretty quiet around here other than becoming tourists on our days off.  We’ve been watching a TV show called House of Cards which is amazing.  Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are so great in it and it’s such an interesting show. If you get a chance to watch it…DO!  We also went to see A Place Beyond the Pines which is a new movie with Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper.  It is definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while, so so good.

Here’s a couple of pictures of Rob and I making some popcorn at home without a microwave.  We’ve never made popcorn on the stove before and I found it the funniest thing EVER for some reason.  I couldn’t stop laughing at it!  We also made some more brownies that were nowhere near as good as the last ones unfortunately.  Still managed to eat it all though!


I can’t believe April is almost over!  This month flew by!
May is going to be a busy one for us.  We’re trying to organize a trip to Whistler for our days off next week.  We can stay at my brother James’ place and get cheap (hopefully free!) ski passes to do some spring snowboarding and visit our friend Steve while we’re there.  Then the week after that I have a couple of friends from college coming to visit for a few days which I’m so excited for!!  We haven’t hung out the three of us together since May 2009 so it’ll be an awesome reunion.  And THEN Rob’s mum and sister are coming to visit on May 18th for a week!

May is already jam packed!  We’ll no doubt be filling it with tons of different touristy activities!
Hope everyone is finally getting some spring weather!!!

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