We’re Good At Being Tourists

Happy First of May everyone!!

Hope you like a lot of pictures cause this post is about to be full of them!
We like to be tourists in every city we live in (cause…why not? right?), and now the weathers improving we’ll be getting outside a lot more and taking in whatever this city has to offer.  With Rob having his ‘tourist challenge’ that I explained in my last post we’ve already managed to visit a couple of places.

We started at the BC Sports Hall of Fame which has a pretty cool area for kids to play in.  The rest was a little boring, they had some cool stuff but we ended up spending most of our time in the play area, go figure.  We had to answer 3 questions there in order to get our stamp for the challenge.  Just questions like ‘how much does a birthday party at BC Sports Hall of Fame cost?’.  We got the answers to the questions then just played.  There was a timed running track where you had to beat 1.4 seconds, Rob did it in 1.8!  We also played table hockey and a virtual soccer game where you had to try to get a goal.


After that we went to the Vancouver Aquarium which is located in Stanley Park.  Aquariums are always one of our favourite places to visit.  This one had beluga whales, dolphins, penguins, jelly fish and tons more.  We watched the dolphin show featuring their two dolphins Hannah and Heather and answered our couple of questions.
There was a kids playground outside the aquarium and we couldn’t resist playing on the swings and their little construction diggers.  Being a kid is way more fun than being an adult!
They also had some really pretty tulips in Stanley Park and I went a little camera crazy with them all.  I couldn’t resist, they’re stunning!


And just a short video Rob took of Hannah the dolphin! :

Then we had a drink at the Coal Harbour Cactus Club before heading home and while we were there, in walked Anaheim Mighty Duck Saku Koivu and two other NHL players.  They were playing the Vancouver Canucks 2 days later so they were allowed a beer or two 🙂  We didn’t want to bother them so I just took a sneaky picture of Saku Koivu without him even noticing.
Rob never recognizes these people but I can somehow spot an NHL player anywhere (it’s one of my talents!).
We used to have OHL hockey players live with us when I was in high school (we were billets) so with them always being around and being a big part of my life I’ve learned to recognize their characteristics I guess!  I’m also a massive fan and enjoy seeing them in interviews etc so I recognize them without their helmets and gear on!

The playoffs have just started so we’re basically in hockey heaven at the moment!

The next day we decided to have a wander around one of the Botanical Gardens in the city.    It got us a stamp so we figured we’d go!  It had some beautiful flowers, a nice pond with a fountain, and a maze (we love a good maze!).  There was also a massive statue of some sort of animal and we found the ‘Tree of the Month’ which gave us a good giggle.  Had to get a picture with the ‘Tree of the Month’!

It’s been awesome having this tourism challenge so far and I can’t wait til we have the stamps we need and can get the tourism pass.  Then we can go to all the places we want, whenever we want…for free!

Expect lots more pictures of our tourist adventures to come!


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