Carol’s Visit

It’s been a busy week!  Carol and her friend Darin arrived from New Zealand last Wednesday afternoon.  Sarah had a family emergency and unfortunately couldn’t make it As much as we missed her she was where she was supposed to be.  Sarah and her family were definitely in our thoughts this week.

It was great reuniting with Carol!  The first night we all went out for dinner, so it was basically Carol and I just reminiscing and starting every sentence with “remember when…” and laughing so much I could barely eat my dinner!
It was a great couple of days.  We (of course) did Science World thanks to Rob, spent time in Stanley Park, Gastown and Granville Island.  In full tourist mode by day and playing catch up over dinner and drinks every night.  Brilliant.
They also lucked out with the weather.  On their last day we went to Granville Island Public Market and it ended up raining but before that it was perfect temperatures each day, with the sun showing off all day long 🙂  We found a cool place on Granville Island that sold hammocks called “The Hang Out Place” (appropriate).  When we walked in, the girls working there immediately got us to sit in a hammock which we welcomed completely.  It was a great place with some awesome hammocks, they even sold a hanging cup holder to attach!   Outside the market was a street performer that we stopped to watch for a second on our way in and ended up watching his whole act he was just so good!  He did magic tricks and was absolutely hilarious.  He drew a pretty big crowd and almost everyone ended up giving him money at the end.  He earned it!


I wish I had booked off the Sunday too and not just Friday and Saturday.  Even though Carol and Darin left on Saturday night for Ontario, working on Sunday (which was Mother’s Day here)  was insane and at the end of my shift I felt like I’d just worked a full week!!

Rob’s mum and sister arrive here this Saturday afternoon so we’ve got another packed week ahead of us.  They’re staying with us so Rob and I will be on the air mattress for a week, might be in need of a massage by the end of it!


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