Busy Month and Big News!

I can’t believe May is over!  It flew by!!
We’ve had a pretty busy month with Carol coming to visit and then Rob’s mum and sister staying with us for a week.  We did a lot of tourist things with them and got a ton of stamps for Rob’s Tourism Challenge book.  We managed to get 35 stamps which means Robs name gets put into a draw to win a Rocky Mountaineer trip to Banff so fingers crossed for that prize!

It’s definitely been too long since I last posted!  We’ve been recovering from our visits and also had a baby shower and a birthday party to attend.  No wonder May has gone by so quickly!  I’m exhausted!

The big news is that I’ve found a new job! 🙂

I randomly got a voice mail from The Co-operators last week, which is where I had an interview for an admin position back in November (spoiler alert…I didn’t get the job :P).  They were letting me know that the position has opened up again and would I still be interested?…umm YES!
I interviewed for the job again while Rob’s mum and sister were visiting and found out the day they were leaving that I got it! 🙂

My last day at the spa is June 8th (a week left! eek!) and I start at The Co-operators on June 17th so I get to have a week off in between to relax (I’ll probably end up cleaning out my closet or something equally as entertaining!)

Big changes coming up!  I’ve never worked in an office before so that’ll be a new experience for me that I think will be a good one.  Now we just have to find Rob a new job!

Here are a couple of pictures from Rob’s mum and sisters visit.  We went to Whistler (It POURED the whole time and was freezing!!) and the three of them went to Capilano Bridge where they got to do a ‘walk through the trees’.


Shannon Falls was our favourite part of the day.  There’s also a 7 second video of it if you’re interested!!!

The weather was gloomy and miserable but we still had a great time 🙂

It was lovely having Robs family here but I think it made us wish we were around our families more.  Living in another country definitely has its draw-backs.

I’m not going to end this post on a sad note though because who wants that!?
No one that’s who.
So I’ll end with a picture of my Essie nail polish ‘In the Cab-ana’  because I love it and it makes me happy. 🙂


Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!!


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