A Week Off? Yes Please!

My last day at the spa was Saturday 🙂
I learned a lot working there and love all the girls I worked with but I am definitely ready for something new.  I don’t start my new job until Monday June 17th so I get to enjoy this week off and relax a little bit!

My first order of business was to buy some work appropriate clothes (a necessary shopping spree!).  I may have spent a bit more $ than I have in a while but I need them!  I can’t wear the same ‘business casual’ outfit that I have reserved for interviews every day now can I?  (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

The result:


The lighting in this picture isn’t great but I got 2 pairs of shoes (on sale!), 2 pairs of pants (1 black, 1 grey), 2 blazers and 3 tank tops 🙂
I think I did pretty well!  The pants are nice and dressy yet comfy, though they are insanely long so I have to get them hemmed this week.  All the other pieces are easily dressed up for work but I can also make each piece casual which I love.  I’m obsessed with the shoes and want to wear them every day!

That was my Sunday, then yesterday Rob and I basically had the perfect day starting with riding bikes around Stanley Park and ending with bbq for dinner and watching the Game of Thrones season finale.  Pictures from our day to come!

Today we’re being a bit lazy after our long day yesterday and will most likely be going to see a movie.  We go almost every Tuesday because it’s cheap day.  Last week we went to see The Hangover III.  It wasn’t that good 😦  Nothing can compare to the first one!  There were only a couple of actual funny moments but when Bradley Cooper looks like this in it it doesn’t really matter:

Am I right ladies!? haha  The Hangover Bradley Cooper is my favourite Bradley Cooper.

So today it’s between The Great Gatsby or This Is The End.
One is my choice and the other one is Robs (hmm I wonder which is which!) though I wouldn’t mind seeing either of them.
Which one would you rather see?  Let me know!


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