Our Movie Choice Was…

This Is The End!
I’m so happy we picked that movie because it was HILARIOUS.  If you’re a fan of Seth RoganSuperbad or Knocked Up you’d probably enjoy this.

Billboard: This is the End  (a summer movie)

Everyone in it played themselves (more of an extreme version though) which was great to watch.  They’re all friends in real life so it felt like we were actually hanging out with them in a strange, apocalyptic, wouldneverhappeninamillionyears kind of way!
It was nice to watch a movie that was actually funny too, especially after being disappointed recently with Hangover III.  The cameos were also pretty awesome with people like Emma Watson, Rihanna and Paul Rudd popping up.
Overall a very entertaining movie!

In other news:

– I ordered a dress from asos.com a couple of weeks ago to wear to our friend Grants wedding next weekend and it arrived today!  I had to pay customs charges which is more than a little annoying but it’s either that or send the dress back and I don’t want to do that because I love it 😛  No pictures probably until the big event though.

– It’s the final round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs over the next couple of weeks, between Chicago and Boston.  The wedding we’re going to falls on game 5 (it’s best of 7) so we’re hoping it goes to 6 games at least and that the Stanley Cup Final game isn’t happening while we’re at the wedding!  We love our hockey and really really don’t want to miss a game let alone the final!
If anyone’s interested we want Chicago to win.  Originally either Chicago or Pittsburgh but Pittsburgh got knocked out by Boston so all our hopes lie with Chicago.  We’re watching game 1 right now and it’s tied 3-3 with 3 minutes left!  Rob’s making me stop writing to watch the tense ending so I’ll be back after the final whistle and let you know who won 🙂

An exciting 3 minutes later… and no one has won yet!  It’s going to overtime so I’m gonna sign off and enjoy the rest of this crazy game.  Are any of you following the Stanley Cup Final?  Who do you want to win??


3 thoughts on “Our Movie Choice Was…

  1. We were gutted that Pittsburg got knocked out by those Boston Bullies – only good thing about that team is Dan Paille!!! Trouble is, with the time difference, we have to record it as it starts at 1am! So don’t get to watch til the following day – glad it went to overtime and you didn’t put the final score, will watch it after Sainsbury’s trip!!!

  2. Quite agree with your mum – am I allowed to say I hate Marchand who was recently described as the 2nd dirtiest player in the NHL behind Cooke, I put him 1st and hope to see him get a hit big time! Also don’t much like Lucic.

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