Our Perfect Day

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, Rob and I had a perfect day on Monday!  The sun was shining, it was lovely and warm, work was forgotten about and it being a Monday there weren’t too many people around yaaaaay my favourite!


We started our day off by renting bikes and riding around Stanley Park.  We got the bikes for 2 hours which cost about $5 each (Or $10 each I can’t remember).
I had a cruiser bike and Rob got a mountain bike.  (This was not our choice, the bike people just brought these out to us and said ‘that one’s yours and that ones yours’).  So off we went with our awesome helmets and our “chosen” bikes.
It was so much fun!!
There’s a bike lane that’s one way so you don’t have to worry about people coming at you or running over pedestrians.  I spent my time just cruising along loving life while Rob would occasionally go off ahead of me then slow down and wait for me to catch up.
We went all the way around the park which we’ve never done before.  We had no idea Stanley Park was more like 4 parks in one.  You get the seawall, beaches, awesome rock walls, green space and a lagoon.  There’s even an amazing outdoor pool that we will definitely be going to this summer!
When we were finished we decided to switch bikes just to see how the other was.  Rob said almost instantly as he rode my bike that it was just like having a ‘leisurely day out’ in a surprised tone, to which I replied ‘umm yes that’s EXACTLY what I just had…what did you experience??’  I then got on his bike and immediately wanted to get off.  Turns out we had two very different days!  I felt a little bad for Rob and at the same time was so grateful to the bike people for gifting me with the cruiser!
The next time we do it we will definitely be requesting TWO cruisers.  I feel like that’s how Stanley Park should be experienced.  Relaxed and comfortable.  It’s no wonder Rob kept speeding off and getting off his bike!  He says he still had a good time but would’ve preferred my experience.  Lesson learned.
Anyway picture time!


After our physical activity we both felt like doing the next best thing to do in the sun…have a beer on a patio!  We walked to The Cambie in Gastown and enjoyed a pitcher before stopping at Safeway on the way home to pick up some burgers for dinner.  We walked by some sunflowers in Safeway and Rob told me that if I were a flower I’d be a sunflower so I’ve included a picture of me with some…let me know if you agree with him!

Before dinner we played some frisbee in the park right across the street from our apartment building which we call our back yard because we don’t have one!


Our day ended with delicious bbq for dinner and the always amazing Game of Thrones.

So that was our perfect day!
Hopefully there’ll be more of those to come this summer 😛


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