Wedding Weekend!

It’s been a busy week!  We flew to Toronto very early last Friday morning (awake at 4:30am!) for our friend Grants wedding 🙂  We were in Toronto for 4 days and loved it!

We stayed in the Intercontinental Conference Centre where we got a pretty decent wedding rate.  The hotel was right downtown, surrounded by the CN Tower and the Rogers Centre! I meant to take pictures of the hotel room and completely forgot, (oops!) it was a living room and bedroom situation which was nice.  No free internet though so we were without it for longer than we’re used to and we definitely weren’t very happy bunnies about that!

The wedding was amazing!  The weather was perfect for it.  It was held in Steamwhistle Brewery so it was bound to be fabulous wasn’t it?  The food was brilliant, the speeches were hilarious, the bride looked gorgeous and a good time was had by all!  (Maybe too much of a good time for some…)

Anyway, straight to the pictures!
Remember to click on the first picture to view them all in full, as a slideshow, and to read the caption so you can find out exactly who on earth these people are!!


We had such a great time, it was amazing to get to see everyone again and be able to be a part of Grant and Kelly’s big day!

We spent 2 more days in Toronto so there’ll be more pictures from our weekend coming soon!!


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