Our Toronto Weekend Finally!

A couple of weeks ago we went to Toronto for a wedding, but we arrived the day before and stayed 2 days after so we could enjoy the city a little bit too.

Leaving rainy, cold Vancouver for hot, humid Toronto was awesome.  It rained a little while we were there but most of the time it was nice!  (We hadn’t got this awesome summer weather in Vancouver yet!)
The streets and sidewalks in Toronto are a lot wider than Vancouver so when we were walking around we didn’t feel like we were in some sort of human obstacle course, constantly dodging the next person on the street.  That made a nice change!  There also seemed to be something happening on every street!  We found the TD Jazz festival in Nathan Philips Square, a boat festival down by the lake with some amazing pirate looking boats, a War of 1812 show (for kids so it was kind of hilarious), a free car show,and we also saw a larger than life disco ball hanging from a crane, where underneath it the Toronto Orchestra were playing music with anyone that showed up with an instrument.  They gave us a free kazoo which we happily played for a second or two!
The day after the wedding Rob was a little worse for wear so after we checked out of the hotel I put him in the shade under a tree to have a nap down by the lake while I explored the boats, beach and food tents for a bit.  The atmosphere in the city was so laid back, relaxed and friendly.  We enjoyed just wandering around looking at all the old buildings and discovering different park areas and shops.  


Our last night there we decided to save some money and stayed in a hostel.  After arriving we definitely wished we’d just stayed at the hotel all three nights.
We’ve stayed in a ton of hostels before but this one was definitely one of the worst.  Maybe because we’d stayed in an awesome hotel the two previous nights so it made the hostel seem worse…who knows.  We just stayed in the hostel as little as possible and spent our time enjoying the city until we had to leave.

We had such an awesome weekend!  Wish we could go back and re-live it!


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