Some Recent Purchases

I don’t normally write about products and other things that I’ve bought but I feel like it’s something I’d share with friends and that’s what I want this blog to be like so here goes!

I don’t know about you but I get excited when I buy new things and can’t wait to get home to try/wear it immediately!  Having this new job has allowed me to buy things again without feeling guilty or having to justify every penny.  That’s not to say I’m running out and buying Prada or Chanel or any other insanely priced designer gear that I wish could be in my life, but you get the idea 🙂

My first new product is the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla.
Everyone and their dog has been raving about this and for good reason!  It’s bloody amazing.  I have really dark circles under my eyes and have trouble finding a concealer than can handle them.  This one feels really nice and moisturizing on the skin, and once it’s on there and blended in…that sh*t ain’t budging!  I hate reapplying anything during the day (re: I’m lazy) so I love that this pretty much looks the same after 8 hours of work.  I’d probably touch up if we were going out again in the evening but I don’t need to which I haven’t really experienced before…and I LOVE.


My next new purchase is actually a few things.
They’re the Real Techniques make up brushes!  I haven’t bought brushes in years because I find they’re either cheap and therefore pretty crap, or they’re good quality but waaaay too expensive (lookin at you Mac!).  So after hearing so many positive reviews about these, and watching tons (and I mean tons) of YouTube videos that happen to feature them, I decided to hunt them down here in Vancouver.  I found them at a London Drugs close to where I work and lucked out because they had just got them in stock before I showed up (they sell out almost instantly usually).  They’re really nice quality and are a great price (4 brushes for $20!)  I love using them every morning!


Finally, Topshop was having a massive sale recently and I picked up a couple of dresses.  They aren’t really summer dresses which I guess is why they were on sale!  So I probably won’t be wearing them any time soon but I tried them on and couldn’t resist.  Topshop also gives you 30 days to return something, even a sale item, so I figured I had a month to decide if I want to keep them or not.  One of them is a little different for me so I still haven’t decided if it’s staying or not.  We’ll see!


Can you guess which one I’m not sure about?!  I have yet to show Rob what they look like on so I’m curious if he’ll like them or not!  (Especially that comic book one!)

That’s all my recent purchases for now!
Let me know if you liked this kind of post, I really enjoyed writing it.  Sharing the things I’ve bought and my opinion on new products is something I could talk about all day long!

Ooh Dirty Dancing just came on TV so I’m off!
Thanks for reading!!



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