Beach Day!

The weather in Vancouver has been brilliant the past couple of weeks, but we had yet to have a day at one of the many nearby beaches…until Sunday!
We made a plan to go to the Bio-Diversity Museum in the morning, have lunch somewhere then head to a beach for the rest of the day.  It being a Sunday though…sleeping in couldn’t be helped.  We ended up finding the Bio-Diversity Museum at the University of British Columbia around 1:15 pm (it was NOT easy to find!) and left approx. 20 minutes later!  It wasn’t as fun as we had been made to believe, in fact it was really really boring.  Sorry if you’ve been and loved it but it just wasn’t our thing.
Anyway…back to our beach day!


We’re definitely going to be heading out to more of the beaches in the area over the summer.  We’ve got an outdoor pool in the park across from us too so that’ll have to happen at some point!
Hope you’re all enjoying your summer!
Thanks for reading!



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