Bite Me

I love summertime.  The long days, the heat, the beach, patios, flip flops…the list goes on.  However, there is always a downside to everything, and for us right now…it’s mosquitoes.  I know they’re around every year but I’ve never really had a problem with them until now.  That’s most likely because I’ve always had either air conditioning or screens on the windows and doors, or both.

Here we have neither…good times.

It’s way too hot at the moment not to have the window open at night, and that unfortunately means waking up with a couple of new bites each morning.
Last night I couldn’t take any more and there was an all out war between them and me.
If there’s one thing I hate, it’s being woken up, so of course every time I drifted off they started that annoying buzzing around my ears.  The sound of a little vampire bug looking for a meal.
I’d like to say I won the war against them last night, but I’m the one that was tired today after spending my 2 am looking for those little buggers and still waking up with bites!

Tonight I’m prepared with a mosquito repellent that I really hope works!!

It’s a clip on but I’m going to just put it next to my bed and hope it works just as well.  We’re also looking into buying some fly screen material to keep those suckers out once and for all!

Wish me luck!!


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