Daily Prompt: There’s No Place Like Home

“If you had the opportunity to live a nomadic life, traveling from place to place, would you do it? Do you need a home base? What makes a place “home” to you?”

I wouldn’t say Rob and I have been living a full on nomadic life, but having no actual ‘home base’ and traveling from place to place the last couple of years?  Definitely.  We’ve had the mentality that we will choose to live somewhere amazing, and just get any job to get us by while we enjoy that place as much as we can.  We haven’t let a job dictate where we live.  We decide on a beautiful place or country and just find whatever form of employment we can in order to pay bills and feed ourselves!  Whether that’s retail, hotels, restaurants, cafes…anything that’ll give us a paycheck in order to live in these places.

Before I moved to Banff for the summer in 2009 I never thought I’d be travelling anywhere else.  I thought I’d head back to Ontario, find a boring office job or something and settle down.  Then I met people from all over the world and caught the bug.  I also met Rob there and a summer in Banff turned into 2 years.
We then got itchy feet, saved as much money as we could for 6 months and left for Europe.  We travelled around Europe for around 3 months, living out of a backpack and staying in a different place every few days.  While this was happening my parents moved from Canada back to England…so I literally had no home in Canada any more.

After Europe we were pretty much homeless so we relied on family to put us up while we worked in England for a couple of months in order to be able to get to Australia, our next jaunt.  We lived in Australia for 7 months.
We bought a car and drove around the country (amazing!!) ‘Settled’ in Brisbane and worked for 3 months before doing an unforgettable 3 day boat trip around the Whitsunday Islands and heading back to England to figure out our next move.

We thought long and hard about where on Earth we wanted to live and decided a trip back to Canada was necessary, to live in Vancouver and see if it might be the place for us.  We’d always heard amazing things about it and wanted to live here so we wouldn’t be left wondering what if?  We thought it might be somewhere we could actually put down roots and stop living out of a suitcase (finally!!).  So another couple of months with our families went by and then we returned to Canada.

We’ve been in BC for about 9 months now and that feeling of settling down and feeling at home just hasn’t really happened like we thought it would.  So, when Rob’s visa is up at the end of this year we’ve decided to move back to England and finally give our motherland a chance.  We’re both originally from the UK, yet we’ve never lived there together.  Our families are there and after being away from them for such long stretches of time over the past few years we feel the need to be closer to them, or at least live in the same country as them again!  We’re finding that the older we’re getting the more important family is to us and we don’t see ourselves settling down so far away from them anymore.

I don’t normally partake in the WordPress Daily Prompt challenges but I saw this one and related to it so much that I had to write down our experience and what “home” has meant for us.
After living in a few different countries and travelling for a while, we’ve come to the conclusion that “home” isn’t actually a place at all, but the people that you surround yourself with.  Yes a nice location helps of course but you can live in the most beautiful place on Earth and hate it because you’re lonely or miss family and friends.  Some of the most amazing places we’ve lived, have felt like home because of the group of people that experienced it with us.

It’s been amazing getting to travel, see different cultures and to actually live them, not just visit for a week then go back to a comfort zone.  We’ve met awesome people and seen more incredible things in the last 4 years than a lot of people get to see in a lifetime.  We definitely wouldn’t change a thing and have loved every minute.
There does come a time however when something switches and the desire to travel constantly is replaced with a desire to settle down, put down some roots and start experiencing a different kind of life.  I’m sure that life will still involve travel, just in a different form.
It’s time for us to find our permanent “home” and to us that means family.


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