We Have A Name!

I am obsessed with all things Royal.  So of course I couldn’t get enough of the Royal Baby, and now he has a name!  This whole week I’ve been hoping they would name him George, and they did!  George Alexander Louis to be exact.  King George…I like it 🙂

Congratulations to the beautiful family!


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2 thoughts on “We Have A Name!

  1. Why did you hope that they would name him George? There were already six King Georges in the past.
    The name is so traditional and I always thought that William and Cathrine were more “modern” – at least they always appeared to be..

  2. As “modern” as Will and Kate are they’re still part of a Monarchy, which is all about tradition. So I figured when it came to naming the future King of England they’d only have a few names they could really choose from, family related traditional names. So out of those few I liked George the best. George is one of Prince Charles’ middle names, Alexandra is one of Queen Elizabeth’s middle names and Louis is one of Prince Williams, so it’s very family oriented. Plus the Queen had to approve so i doubt names like Kevin and Justin were ever on the list 😛
    Maybe they’ll have more fun with the next child’s name! (though probably not)
    What were you hoping the name would be?

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