Sunday Funday (Tons of Pics!)

I have weekends off now (I’ll be working one Saturday a month starting in August) and Rob usually has Sundays and Mondays off, so Sunday has become our only full day together each week.  Obviously because of that we like to make the most of it!

This past Sunday we decided to use Robs Tourism Pass and go to the Bio-Dome at Queen Elizabeth Park.  It’s a really awesome park, with a baseball arena, community centre, outdoor pool, restaurant with brilliant views of the city, pitch and putt and a Bio-Dome.

After enjoying the park we decided we needed a trip to the Cambie patio for a pitcher (of course!).  We then went and found some famous Simpsons graffiti  down the street before jumping on the Sea-Bus and going to North Vancouver to the only East Side Mario’s restaurant in Vancouver!

Once the sun set and we were full of pasta and bread we returned to downtown Vancouver and went up the Vancouver Lookout to see the view of the city at night.

Just another awesome Sunday!

Thanks for reading!


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