The Breakfast Club

During the summer they’re showing free outdoor movies every Tuesday in Stanley Park.  This Tuesday the movie was…you guessed it, The Breakfast Club so we HAD to go!

Everyone else in Vancouver seemed to have the same idea as us, it was packed!  We finally found a pretty decent spot and quickly got settled with our blanket and snacks.

It was a nice night out.  People got pretty into it, cheering at the good parts, and almost everyone fist pumped at the final scene 🙂


Next week they’re showing Mama Mia!  Have you ever been to an outdoor movie?  What movie was it?  Let me know!

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “The Breakfast Club

  1. Hi Hannah! That looks like sooo much fun! I saw Back to the Future at the Sail-in Cinema here in Toronto this summer. The movie is shown on a double-sided inflatable screen set atop a barge in Toronto Harbour. We watched the movie from the shore but quite a few people watched it from their boats.

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