Celebration of Light

The Celebration of Light is Vancouver’s largest event each year.  It’s also the largest offshore fireworks competition in the world.  There’s three nights over the course of a week where a different country does their best to win.  The fireworks are set to music and everything!

The first night was this past Saturday, and it was the UK so of course we went!  As did about 400,000 other people 😛  The next night will be Wednesday which will be Canada, then on Saturday Aug 3rd we’ve got Thailand.

We aren’t massive fans of crowds or hanging out in them for long periods of time, so when Rob was done work at 6pm we decided not to bother rushing down to English Bay Beach along with the rest of the city.  Instead we went for a drink in a pub first then felt ready to join the masses.  The fireworks started at 10pm and went for almost half an hour.
The show itself was awesome…even if we did forget our speakers and had to watch the whole thing with no music!  It was a James Bond theme too so I wasn’t very impressed with our forgetfulness.

Here are three photos of the fireworks courtesy of The Vancouver Sun:

Photo source

Plus a couple of pictures Rob took:

Also, here is a video that Rob took on his phone close to the end of the show.  It’s not amazing quality and obviously there’s no music but it’s still pretty cool 🙂

Can’t wait to see what Canada comes up with on Wednesday!
It’s also our 4 year anniversary that day so we’ll be pretending the fireworks are just for us…and we definitely won’t be forgetting our speakers this time!

Thanks for reading!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.



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