Relaxing Sunday

This Sunday we were a little tired from the Celebration of Light fireworks evening the night before, so we slept in and relaxed for most of the morning.  In the afternoon we headed downtown and had Subway for lunch in the sun then hopped on the bus to the Vancouver Aquarium to see the Penguin Walk (they let 2 penguins loose in a small area outside) and the Beluga Whale show.  The penguins were really cute, I just wish they had let them walk around for a bit longer!  We enjoyed the beluga whales too, strange looking whale but we loved them!

Here are some pictures from our Sunday…I’ve also included some from Saturday when I met Rob at Science World for his lunch.  The city has put pianos randomly all over the place and there’s one close to Science World so Rob had a little go on it during his lunch break:

I also took a couple videos!  The first one is the penguins going for a little walk, you can see the more curious one try and walk towards the crowd and knock over the little barrier 🙂 :

The second one is of the beluga whale splashing the crowd watching the show:

Finally, a video Rob took of the beluga whale that was too cute not to include!

That evening I went to a BBQ with some of the girls from my old job at the spa.  It was really nice to see them even though it cut short our only day off together for the week.
I’m sure Rob was fine with having the place all to himself to catch up on some video game time though! 😛

Today is our 4 year anniversary so a nice dinner out before Canada’s submission for the Celebration of Light fireworks competition will be just the ticket!

Thanks for reading!  Hope you don’t mind all the videos!!



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