Anniversary & Fireworks!

Wednesday was our 4 year anniversary 🙂  It was also Canada’s turn for the Celebration of Light fireworks competition.
We got all dolled up and headed out for dinner at a nice place called Adesso Bistro close to Stanley Park.  Our meal was delicious!  The best pizza I’ve ever had for a starter to share, a lovely bottle of wine, then lobster risotto for me and braised beef for Rob…heaven!

Then it was on to the fireworks, we ended up having a better spot to watch from than the UK fireworks.  Canada did a great job, the music was a little boring (we actually got to listen to it this time!) but the fireworks were amazing!!  Bigger and slightly better than the UK submission I have to say.

And of course a video!  This one is of the finale of the fireworks, it’s just over 2 minutes long…enjoy!  You can’t really hear the music at all but they’re still amazing, the noise you can hear occasionally is Rob taking pictures on his phone 😛

We’re off to watch Thailand’s entry tonight!  I’ll let you know how it goes!
Only one more fireworks post left then that’s it I promise!!

In other news, it looks like summer may be over here in Vancouver 😦  We had the driest July ever in Vancouver’s history…literally not a drop of rain the whole month!  Plus the most hours of sunshine ever recorded in July, basically it was the best month ever!!  Then at 1am on August 1st…it rained.  Typical.  The feeling of beach days, shorts, patios and days spent outside is slowly slipping away.  The good things to come of the end of summer though are obviously the kids going back to school, and the Fall clothes!! They’re my favourite!!

It’s a long weekend here in BC (for BC Day) so I don’t go back to work til Tuesday.  Hope everyone’s having an amazing weekend!  Thanks for reading!



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