Finally…The Last Fireworks Post!

The final entry of fireworks in the Celebration of Light competition was on Saturday night.  I meant to post about them right away…yet here we are 5 days later!
I wasn’t very motivated or excited to write about them because they weren’t amazing to be honest.  It was Thailand’s turn and after watching the UK and Canadian entries, the bar was set pretty high.  Unfortunately for Thailand their fireworks just weren’t as good.  It was a bit of “is that it?” once it was over.  I wish they’d had Canada on the last night because it definitely would’ve ended the competition with a bang!! (haha)

Anyway here are a couple of pictures from Thailand’s entry.  No video today! (I’m sure you’re all devastated :P)

So that’s the end of the Celebration of Light!  I’ve just looked to see who won and it was:


So a big Congratulations to Canada!  Well deserved!

The rest of our long weekend was nice and relaxing.  The ‘end of summer’ prediction was completely wrong, it’s gone back to being hot and sunny around here!
We only had Sunday together (as usual)  so we did some wandering, some drinking, and of course no long weekend is complete without seeing a pug sitting in a bicycle sidecar wearing a hat and goggles!

I mean!!  He’s too much!

Hope everyone’s having a good week so far!  It’s only a 4 day week for me but I’m already so ready for the weekend!  I’ve been really tired this week for some reason, we didn’t even go to see a movie last night!  I think after the last month of adapting to my new job, spending all our Sunday’s doing tourist activities, BBQ’s, anniversaries, fireworks and other nights out I’m just ready to do absolutely nothing for a couple of days!  Nights in watching True Blood, Dexter, Orange is the New Black, and Under The Dome sounds like heaven to me.  It’s also Shark Week on the Discovery Channel!!

Do any of you enjoy those shows?  Or are you watching Shark Week?

Thanks for reading!



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