Successful Sunday

As usual Rob and I had Sunday off together.  This past Sunday we heard there was a BBQ event happening in Gastown so that’s where we headed!  There were tents all set up with different restaurants offering food at each one.  You had to buy tickets to get any food, you couldn’t just stop by each stand which was slightly annoying as there was a minimum amount of tickets you could buy.
We weren’t too impressed with that.
There was also a pretty good band playing called Mostly Marley that played, yup you guessed it, mostly Bob Marley songs!  On the other side of the street was a mildly sketchy market type event where everything you could buy was laid out on the ground…we didn’t stay there long!

After having a wander around we decided to go the cheapest route possible for lunch and went to The Cambie around the corner for one of their $5 meals (the food there is surprisingly DELICIOUS) and a $12 pitcher to wash it down, in a glass the size of my face YUM 🙂
Once refueled we used Rob’s Tourism Pass for a free ride around downtown on the Big Bus Hop on Hop off tour bus.  It was fun to be driven around the city in an open top bus learning a little bit about the history of the buildings we see all the time.

Keeping with our food and drink theme we then stopped by the new Tap & Barrel restaurant in Coal Harbour for a quick drink and to soak up the mountain view before heading to Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner (cheap and cheerful) where we got to have our dinner on the first tram that was used in Gastown!

All in all a pretty successful Sunday!

Thanks for reading!



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