Down The Rabbit Hole

We got a notice on the door to our apartment building the other day letting us know that there would be filming in the area for the new show Once Upon A Time In Wonderland.  So obviously we walked down there on the night of the filming and took a sneaky look around (as did many others).

We didn’t take too many pictures as we didn’t want to get in trouble or annoy anyone, plus we couldn’t really see much other than the trailers etc.  Obviously we couldn’t get close enough in the park to the actual filming, though that would’ve been awesome!

We did see one of the actors sitting on the steps of his trailer chatting to someone.  We were really close to him so I couldn’t take a sneaky picture but it was this guy:

Michael Socha

His name is Michael Socha and he plays the Knave of Hearts.

Here’s the couple of pictures we took:

Sorry the pictures aren’t very exciting!  We couldn’t get any closer.  It was pretty cool though 🙂

If you’re interested the show premieres on October 10, 2013.  I’ve seen a few commercials and it actually looks really good!  I’ll probably watch the first episode and see how it is.  Not that I need another TV show to add to the massive list I already have!

Thanks for reading!


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