Capilano Bridge

We had what was probably one of the last hot days of the summer last week so we decided to spend it by using Rob’s Tourism Pass and going to Capilano Bridge!

It’s located in the District of North Vancouver and they have a free shuttle to take people there which is really convenient!  Not only is there the suspension bridge but they now have a tree top walk on mini suspension bridges and a cliff walk, plus a restaurant and a cafe.

The suspension bridge is 230 ft above Capilano River and is 450 ft long.  It made me a little nervous and I couldn’t move on it without holding on!  It rocked a bit more than I thought it would, especially with a lot of people on there.  I made it across though and then we did the Treetops Adventure.  It was cool getting to walk around up high in the trees in a rainforest.
I was much more comfortable on the way back across the suspension bridge, and  luckily there was a lot less people on it.  We then did the Cliffwalk where you get to walk on suspended walkways jutted out from the granite cliff face above Capilano River.  It had a couple of parts where it was a frosted glass floor but it definitely wasn’t scary.

It was such a great day and I’m so grateful we got to do it all for free!  Have you ever been across Capilano Bridge?  Let me know how it was!

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5 thoughts on “Capilano Bridge

  1. Hey Hannah! I was just doing a bit of research on Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. It’s definitely at the top of my list of places to visit! Definitely in 2014…I can’t wait:) Amazing photos by the way.

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