Hockey Is Back!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
The kids are back at school, the temperatures perfect, the leaves are changing, boots and coats are coming out of storage…and hockey is back!

The Vancouver Canucks held an open practice and a scrimmage (where the team is split and plays a mini game against each other) last week.  It’s the only thing that would ever have got us up and out the door by 8:30am on a Sunday!
They only opened one side of the arena for people to sit and watch, and ended up opening a couple more sections as the scrimmage went on because so many people kept arriving.  It was completely free so it filled up quick!
The team has a new coach this year who came over from the New York Rangers (our old coach is now the new coach of the Rangers!)  and this was Vancouver’s first look at him in action so there was a lot of yelling and cheering and trying to get a reaction out of him and all the players.  We did manage to get a smile or two out of some of them as they skated by.

It was a really fun atmosphere and we ended up staying for just over 3 hours!


Before the season officially begins there are always a few exhibition games.  These games don’t count towards any points at all but other than that and the price of the tickets they’re the same as a regular season game.
We went to the exhibition game against the Edmonton Oilers, this time sitting in some pretty good seats in the upper level.  Unfortunately the Canucks didn’t play that well and lost 4-1 but it was still exciting to be there!

The season starts at the beginning of October, the tickets are quite expensive so we probably won’t go.  We’re happy with our exhibition game experience and will definitely enjoy the games on TV!

Thanks for reading!



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