Day Out In Whistler!

Rob and I had Friday off together so we decided to rent a car and finally head up to Whistler.  We went for the day when Rob’s mum and sister were visiting in June but it poured the whole time so we didn’t stay very long, you can read about that day in this post.

This time around the sun was shining and it was a lovely warm September day.
My brother James lives there, as well as our friend Steve that we know from our Banff days.
We all went for lunch at a restaurant called El Furniture Warehouse where every meal was $4.95 🙂 (and was surprisingly decent!)
One of Steve’s friends, Karel, joined us for lunch and we talked about how Rob and I didn’t really have anything planned for our day there, so she suggested going zip-lining!  She works for a tour company and could get us a really good discount so obviously we said yes!  I’m not a huge fan of heights or doing things like that normally but I thought why the hell not!?  I knew I’d just regret it if I didn’t do it and being afraid to do things can get very annoying sometimes!  So half an hour later we were strapped in to our harnesses and on our way up the Whistler Gondola!
Seeing the first line suddenly made it very real and kind of terrified me, you’ll see the fear in my face in the pictures below!  The line was very long and high and was actually 2 lines side by side so Rob and I got to face our (or rather…my) fear together.
The second I stepped off, the fear was immediately gone and the excitement and adrenaline took over.

After zip-lining we took our obligatory photos in front of the Olympic rings then drove over to the Four Seasons Resort which is where my brother works.  It’s a beautiful hotel that we’d never be able to afford so we just walked around and took some photos.  We then drove over to Lost Lake for some more photo ops before getting back on the Sea to Sky Highway and heading back to the city.

It ended up being a really great day which was exactly what we needed after a stressful couple of weeks.
I would love to go zip-lining again in the future and I would definitely recommend it!

Have you ever been zip-lining?
Where did you go and how was it?  I’d love to hear stories!!

Thanks for reading!


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