One Year Anniversary and Changes!

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, life’s been pretty busy recently!!  I’ll be posting more regularly soon I promise!

Today marks one year since I decided to start this blog!  Time has definitely flown and a lot has changed; most of all recently.

We received some news about a month ago from my family in England that made us re-think our plans to return in November.  We decided to leave sooner instead and I’m actually writing this post from my parents house in England!

My last day at work was Friday Oct 11th and we flew back to England on Wednesday Oct 16th.  We had to sell all our furniture and pack up our whole lives into three suitcases and two snowboard bags.  A couple of stressful days later and we made it!  I was able to donate some clothes to Big Brother’s of Greater Vancouver which helped us out a lot with baggage allowance and hopefully helped them out at the same time!

We paid a bit extra on top of our ticket for ‘Option Plus‘ with Air Transat which got us 10kg extra baggage allowance each, priority check-in, boarding before everyone else then during the flight we were brought a mini bottle of champagne each, a comfort kit (blanket, head phones etc) and a couple of beers each during the flight!  It was a great deal and I’m so glad we ended up doing it.  It made a stressful experience a little bit less stressful!

You’ll probably notice some changes on here in the near future,  the theme being the first thing quite soon.  I’ve liked this theme a lot but am feeling like a change is needed so we’ll see!  The other changes will just involve content as we’ll be living in the UK now, not Canada, so it will be following Rob and I as we figure out our lives here.  Being closer to family is one of the main reasons for the move so we’ll be seeing a lot more of them and it’ll be nice to have their support as we find a place to live and jobs.  Normally it’s just the two of us figuring things out alone in different countries so this will be a nice change!

Thank you for your patience through the last couple of weeks and I hope you continue reading as we start our lives here in England!



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