Feeling Blue

Barry M Blue Moon Bourjois Blue No Blues

I’ve been all about the blue nail polish recently.  This first one is Bourjois Blue No Blues which is a bright turquoise blue that is sure to brighten up any rainy Autumn day!  The brush for this polish is the best I’ve ever used.  It’s a fan brush and your whole nail is covered after literally one swipe.  I still do two coats but it takes about two minutes to do both hands!  I wish every nail polish came with this brush because it’s seriously brilliant.

Barry M Blue MoonBarry M Blue Moon

The next colour I just purchased is the Barry M Blue Moon.   I saw the always beautiful Lily Pepples wearing it recently and knew it had to be mine!  This colour is a stunning dusty blue that is a pastel lovers dream.  The consistency of the polish is very thin and sheer so taking a tip from Lily I did three coats to get this look.  It’s such a gorgeous and unique colour!

Also, on a random note….Isabel Marant for H&M was released today!  I couldn’t even get onto the H&M website this morning to have a browse (probably a good thing) as there is a queue!  It’s said to be one of the best collaborations H&M have ever done so if you managed to pick up any items good job and congrats!!!

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