Ice Skating!

On Tuesday we took a drive to The Mall at Cribbs Causeway in Bristol.  We had searched for things to do around here during the winter and found out that the largest outdoor ice rink in the South West of England is located at Cribbs Causeway so off we went!  We also wanted to look around for some Christmas present ideas so it was the perfect location.

All the Christmas lights are now up and they looked great!  In front of the mall they have an “Ice Castle” set up with a Carousel and the ice rink.  It was 2 for 1 on Tuesday so it was also pretty cheap!  You get a 45 minute session which was more than enough.  We picked the 3 pm time slot and it turned out to be perfect as there were only a few other people there, mostly kids, so we had space to actually skate and not just follow closely behind people going around in a circle!  It was really nice to get to ice skate again as we both love it,  all the little ones there seemed to be having a brilliant time (parents and grandparents also!) which was great to see.

We wandered around the mall for a while before ice skating, looking for gift ideas.  We found some awesome Christmas hats in Next so of course had to take a picture of us wearing them!  We also found a Wallace & Gromit area, they’re from Bristol and are celebrated there so we really enjoyed that.

We went back into the mall for a little bit after our ice skating session before stopping in at Pizza Hut for some dinner.  We were pretty exhausted by this time (ice skating really takes it out of you!) so we called it a day after that.  While having our dinner, a band set up in the mall and played Christmas music for donations so we got to listen while we ate and gave them a donation before leaving.  They were really good and bands like that are one of the best parts of the festive season aren’t they?

We just put our Christmas decorations up in the house last night, tree included!  It’s a tiny bit early but we couldn’t help ourselves!  Pictures soon to come!  When Rob came back from Manchester he brought with him a beautiful poinsettia and some delicious Thornton’s chocolates so those got us in the Christmas mood quite early!

We didn’t buy those hats but boy were we tempted!  Overall it was a fab day and we’ll hopefully go back for some ice skating again in the near future!

Hope everyone’s had a great week so far, you’ve made it to Friday!!  Also, a very Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans out there who celebrated yesterday!

Thanks for reading!



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